Three Sisters Mountain Village (TSMV) is proud to be part of the Town of Canmore, offering residents the best in mountain living amid breathtaking, world-renowned scenery. A vibrant, exciting development dedicated to preserving the area’s natural beauty, TSMV is comprised of three unique components: Smith Creek, Stewart Creek and Resort Centre—the heart of TSMV. The Resort Centre offers visitors and residents of Canmore an opportunity to rejuvenate, connect with one another and be entertained through a new, nature-based resort model exclusive to the Canadian Rockies, Canada and even North America.

Coffee Shop Talks

Speak with Jessica Karpat, Principal – Planning, with QuantumPlace Developments (on behalf of TSMV)

Jessica will be at the Good Earth on Main Street in Canmore every Tuesday from 9:30am – 12:30pm leading up to the Public Hearings.
We welcome you to sign up as spots are limited. Coffee is on us, all we ask is that you come ready with your questions for discussion!

Only 10 spots available each week

Claim your spot!

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