Three Sisters Village is Canmore’s newest gathering place – bringing together healthy living with adventures and experiences only found in the Rocky Mountains.

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Three Sisters Village welcomes people from around the world to enjoy all that Canmore has to offer. Whether it be a permanent home, a weekend getaway, or a rental income in one of the most scenic corners of the province, Three Sisters Village is the central anchor of our new development.

In line with the traditional Rocky Mountain experience, an outdoor resort recreation amenity area will feature rope courses, climbing walls, bicycle pump tracks, communal firepits and hot tubs, and other outdoor facilities to allow people to soak up the picturesque views.

Bringing together a mixed-use village centre bordered by a landmark hotel, transit, cycling, and pedestrian-only trails, and roadways will link the entire community with existing areas of Canmore. Surrounded by cafes, restaurants, retail and markets, residents and visitors will have no shortage of opportunities to experience the best of Canmore.

The village’s Innovation District focuses on integrating creative studios that accommodate office spaces, arts and culture ventures, and artist spaces. This district will showcase the innovation-rich Canmore business community and focus on creation, development, and delivery of services that catalyze economic diversification.

All of these experiences come together under the Three Sisters Village banner, making it a natural hub for local and guest recreational adventures and Rocky Mountain experiences.

Where is Three Sisters Village?
The proposed development area for Three Sisters Village is located within Canmore, south of the downtown core along Three Sisters Parkway, just west of Stewart Creek Golf Course. The Three Sisters will become the focal point of Three Sisters Mountain Village. It is anticipated that the neighborhood will be complete in 20-plus years.

Working with the Town of Canmore

Informed by over five years of community engagement and supporting technical studies, Three Sisters Mountain Village submitted its Area Structure Plan (ASP) for Three Sisters Village to the Town of Canmore in December 2020. Along with the Smith Creek ASP, these high-level planning documents set a vision and broad policy framework for how the Three Sisters Mountain Village community will continue to grow with Canmore over the next 20 to 30 years.

Read our ASP here.

On June 13, 2022, the Town of Canmore Council applied to the Provincial Court of Appeal for a leave to appeal the LPRT decision. On October 25, 2022, the Town was granted a leave to appeal the decision. On April 3, 2023, the Court of Appeal heard the Town of Canmore’s appeal of the Land and Property Rights Tribunal decision. On October 3, 2023, the Alberta Court of Appeal announced its decision on Canmore (Town of) v Three Sisters Mountain Village Properties Ltd., in which the Court upheld the May 2022 decisions of the Land and Property Rights Tribunal (LPRT), and dismissed the Town of Canmore’s appeal. More information on this decision can be found here.

For more information, please see the Three Sisters Village ASP decision and the Smith Creek ASP decision.

Phase 1 of Three Sisters Village

Phase I of Three Sisters Village encompasses 72 acres, over 30% of which will be reserved for public green space and includes at least 700 homes intended for those living in Canmore, in either Townhome, Stacked Townhome, or Apartment forms. Tourist Homes are limited to only two parcels within Phase 1. As part of TSMV’s commitment to affordable housing options, at least 70 of these units will be designated affordable housing (i.e., Canmore Community Housing Vital Homes or a similar program).

TSMV provided an opportunity for the public to be informed about the proposed development, amenities, and timing anticipated for Phase 1 by holding an information session on April 4, 2024. The focus of this session was information sharing. The TSMV team provided the public with details about the proposed development and offered an opportunity for questions and comments. While much of the development’s details were approved within the Three Sisters Village Area Structure Plan (ASP), the goal was to provide the public with balanced and objective information to better understand the project.

Click here to view the What We Heard report.

Parks and Open Space

Two playgrounds, a bike park, and an entry feature are proposed as part of the conceptual scheme application to provide the community with a sense of identity. Playgrounds and parks will be designed to encourage a sense of exploration and fit into the natural environment.

Application Status

TSMV has submitted its application to the Town for the Conceptual Scheme and Land Use application for Phase 1 of Three Sisters Village (December 12, 2023).

We anticipate approval of Phase 1 conceptual scheme and land use applications for Three Sisters Village in Q1/Q2 of 2024.

Land Use (Zoning) and Bonusing

As part of the conceptual scheme application, a land use redesignation has been submitted to redesignate the parcels to facilitate the vision of the ASP and allow for a bonusing overlay. The Bonusing Overlay incentivizes provision of affordable housing, green building and low impact development practices, and community and cultural contributions by allowing builders to earn additional market units above the base density. The ASP allows 3000-5000 units divided across all phases of development. 10% of the base 3000 units must be affordable housing.


  • Addressing affordable housing and providing housing for a diverse range of households and incomes
  • Aligning the need for new development with strategic priorities related to climate change.
  • Creating great neighbourhoods, places and spaces within them that  Canmorites can call home, be proud of and ultimately enjoy.
  • Creating innovative mixed-use, commercial and industrial spaces to help diversify the economy and the tax base.

Construction Timeline

Once Phase 1 of the Three Sisters Village conceptual scheme and land use applications are approved by the Town of Canmore, we will work with the Town on the subdivision application and detailed design engineering. Construction would begin, at the earliest, in 2024 for Three Sisters Village, depending on timing and alignment with the construction season.