Town of Canmore Subdivision Authority approves Gateway Subdivision

by | Oct 14, 2021 | Announcements, Featured Post

The Town of Canmore Subdivision Authority approved the Gateway at Three Sisters Mountain Village on Tuesday, October 5, 2021.

This approval allows Three Sisters Mountain Village to move forward with planning and construction of the subdivision, which includes 11 commercial lots, one multi-family residential lot and five additional environment and municipal reserve lots on the 18.77 hectare site.

Nine reasons for approval were identified by the subdivision authority, including: adequate municipal reserve land; mitigation of flood, subsidence or erosion impacts; compatibility with nearby areas; and general conformance with the Stewart Creek area structure plan.

To comply with the approval, planning and construction of the subdivision must meet 41 conditions that will be assessed throughout the project’s duration.

“I think these conditions will help to bring certainty for the community on many important aspects of the development as it rolls out. These conditions will continue to help shape both the development as well as the future benefit for our whole community. … As the project builds out, the decisions will be made that reflect the spirit and intent of the subdivision approving authority at this time,” Mayor John Borrowman said during the October 5 Subdivision Authority meeting.

Now that the subdivision is approved, work can begin. Undermining mitigation is now taking place beneath the subdivision area and the 4-way stop to prepare for the roundabout that will replace it. In the spring, waterline and surface work will begin, followed by pathways and roadwork.

Watch the October 5 Subdivision Authority meeting here.